Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

A daily drawing project...


23rd October 2016

Happy Birthday Mum! Princess Margaret half open bud, iPad finger drawing, brushes XP. 

22nd October 2016

“Hot Chocolate”. iPad finger painting, brushes XP 

21st October 2016

Pelargonium. iPad finger painting, brushes XP

20th October 2016

Citrus blossom. iPad finger painting, brushes XP 

19th October 2016


“Cela ne veut pas un dessin”. Nor a rose. Oil on linen, 120cm x 90cm.

18th October 2016


Underpainting is like drawing. Oil on linen. 120cm x 90cm


From observation. Snapshot of the drawing/painting set-up. iPhone photograph.

17th October 2016

Little Flower. iPad finger painting. Brushes XP 

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