Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

A daily drawing project...


29th November 2015

Thoughtful at dinner, 8pm (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP)

27th November 2015

Fence drawing – ten metres of fence each, one day, four artists – if you like my work you can vote for me on this link in the next 24hours. 


26th November 2015

Assuna – counsellor – Hutt Street, 11am (coloured pencil on paper)

25th November 2015

Looking North with fire glow, 9pm (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP)

22nd November 2015


Late afternoon sapling, Athelstone. (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP)

21st November 2015


Tree at Las Storta, afternoon (iPad finger drawing, Brushes XP))


Tree at La Storta, morning (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP)


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