Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

A daily drawing project...


10th October 2015

  Thunderstorm coming, 1:30pm (15 minute timed drawing, iPad finger drawing, brushes XP)

9th October 2015

 Fleeting, 9pm (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP) 

8th October 2015

colour added to last night, from memory and imagination (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP)

8th October 2015

Richard painting, Hutt street, 11am ( iPad finger drawing brushes XP)

7th October 2015

 Line drawing, 9:30pm (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP) 

6th October 2015

Open life at ACSA

Long pose

Ten minutes

Ten minutes

Five minutes

Five minutes

5th October 2015

 The first drawing is never good, 9pm (iPad finger drawing brushes Xp) 


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