Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

A daily drawing project...


18th October 2017

30 minutes a Day, finding the ghost. 

Tempted not to flick but rules are rules…
Charcoal and drawing remnants on linen canvas. 


16th October 2017

Developing the ghost, 30 minutes a day, Day 5. Charcoal on prepared linen canvas, then flicked off. 

14th October 2017

30 minutes a day no 4. Charcoal on prepped linen canvas. 

Flicked no 4. Remnant charcoal drawing. 

13th October 2017

30minutes a day – charcoal on prepared canvas 

And flicked! Drawing remnants on prepared canvas. 

12th October 2017

30 minutes a day ,charcoal on peeped canvas

And flicked. 

11th October 2017

30minutes a day. 1) Charcoal on prepared canvas, 2) then flicked off. 

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