Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

A daily drawing project...


29th August 2016

About the chickens. iPad finger drawing, brushes XP.

27th August 2016

Morning tree. 8am, Athelstone
With bunting. 
iPad finger drawings, brushes XP.

26th August 2016

Composition with high Vis. iPad drawings, brushes XP.

25th August 2016

True Story: this morning’s Cockys. Memory drawing, iPad finger drawing, brushes xp

23rd August 2016

Experiments with depth: The garden. iPad finger drawing, brushes xp

22nd August 2016

What does a seagull look like? Memory drawing, this morning’s gull. (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP)

21st August 2016

Watching and knitting. 7:30pm. iPad finger drawing, brushes XP. 


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