Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

life drawing

12th May 2017

Innocent Play. Ipad painting, drawing,  composition

5th May 2017 (2)

Student solidarity- photographic source, charcoal drawing, larger than life -work in progress

26th April 2017

Student solidarity – local tone. Charcoal on Arches 300gsm. 

28th March again

Cropped Torso: what of an image? Willow and compressed charcoal on 160 gsm Arches velin, with digital tape, Brushes XP.

13th – 18th March

A week away…

All sorts of Ipad doodling.  Brushes XP

10th March 2017

Student solidarity 3. Ipad finger drawing, brushes XP

1st March

Student solidarity week 3

First layer of decision

Second layer of decision

Charcoal and conte on paper.