Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

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12th March 2017

Late night scribbling. Iphone drawing. Brushes xp


3rd February 2017

Showing Sophall how to draw on an iphone whilst she was colouring my hair. Iphone finger drawing, brushes xp. 

22nd January 2017

The exposition. iPhone finger drawing, brushes xp. 

21st January 2017

The gesture of the “Bon Vivant”, iPhone finger drawing, brushes could. 

7th January

The Bridegroom assesses his cocktail. IPhone finger drawing, Brushes XP 

1st August 2016

 Madonna of the iPhone. 9:30pm. iPad finger, brushes XP. 

21st July 2016

Bald man on holidays wears his daughter’s cap. Iphone finger drawing, brushes xp.