Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

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30th April 2017

More exchange… thinking…

13th April 2017

Crouched, with device. Ipad fingervdrawing, brushes XP

28th March again

Cropped Torso: what of an image? Willow and compressed charcoal on 160 gsm Arches velin, with digital tape, Brushes XP.

26th February (2)

After dinner with leg and foot fore shortening. Ipad fingervdrawing, brushes XP

Partially colored… ipad finger drawing

29th September 2016

Rain battered bloom. iPad finger painting, brushes XP.

2nd August 2016


Dark on dark, 9 pm iPad finger drawing, brushes xp

4th July 2016


Green Crocheted rug, 10pm  iPad finger drawing, brushes xp.