Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

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22nd May 2018

Xlendi Cliffs in fading light

Nub of Xlendi cliffs when sea melts to sky


13th – 18th March

A week away…

All sorts of Ipad doodling.  Brushes XP

16th July 2015


Drawing on the last day, St Peter’s Pool, Malta, 11am. (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP) 

15th July 2015

 A slice of welcome pool, St Julian’s, Malta, 4:30pm (brushes XP, iPad finger drawing) 

13th March 2014

Morning Water, Tulya Wodli, 9:30am (iPad Finger Drawing)

30th January 2014

Only Mad Dogs And Artists…(dead Wood And Birds, Tulya Wodli, 11:30am) (iPad Finger Drawing)

20th November 2013

Pool Water With Timing Lights, Marion SAALC 8:45pm (iPad Finger Drawing)