Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

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16th July 2015


Drawing on the last day, St Peter’s Pool, Malta, 11am. (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP) 

11th July 2015

Tez on the terrace, Madliena, Malta, 4pm (iPad finger drawing, brushes XP) 

8th April 2014

Slice of pool, with ball. SAALC Marion, 6:30am (iPad finger drawing)

3rd February 2014

Pool with swimmers, SAALC, Marion, 6:30pm (iPad finger drawing)

6th January 2014

Quick Pool Colours, SAALC, marion, 6pm (iPad Finger Drawing)

20th November 2013

Pool Water With Timing Lights, Marion SAALC 8:45pm (iPad Finger Drawing)

5th November 2013

Pool With Officials, SAALC Marion, 9 Pm (iPad Finger Drawing)