Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

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11th June (2)2017

Reverse running sunrise idea. 


29th March 2017

When Art and Running collide – the back of our shirt. IPad finger drawing etc, brushes XP

28th February 2016

It’s a design – but this morning’s sunrise is included.

The back. 
IPad finger painting designs, Brushes XP

13th February 2017

More design play. Ipad finger musings. Brushes XP

11-12th February 2017

Design play. IPad finger musings. brushes XP

10th September 2016

 White eyebrows today. Seen on the linear park near Holbrooks road, 3:30pm. Memory drawing, ipad finger drawing, brushes XP.

7th July 2016

LeFevre Terrace, 6:30am (colour memory) iPad finger drawing, brushes XP