Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

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4th January 2018

The idea of the sinking sun. Marion Bay. Ipad finger painting.


17th December 2017


Man with iPhone. Ipad finger drawing.

12th December 2017


Chatting to Kika. Ipad finger drawing.

6th December 2017

img_1915Underpainting the 14th station. Oil on board.

5th December 2017


Buffy sleeping in front of the TV. Ipad finger drawing, brushes xp.

23rd November 2017

Painting Frances painting. Day 3. Acrylic on board. 

22nd November 2017

More painting than drawing…

Detail of secret painting. Oil on board. 

30 minutes a day – day 18 and 19!  Oil and charcoal on linen