Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

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13th April 2017

Crouched, with device. Ipad fingervdrawing, brushes XP

19th December 2016

Doing social media surrounded by the storm. IPad finger painting, brushes XP.

7th November 2016

Another underpainting. A dynamic opening yellow rose. Oil on linen, 120cm x 90cm. 

1st November 2016

One day passion. Alla Prima, Oil on Linen, 60cm X 60cm. 

18th October 2016


Underpainting is like drawing. Oil on linen. 120cm x 90cm


From observation. Snapshot of the drawing/painting set-up. iPhone photograph.

29th September 2016

Rain battered bloom. iPad finger painting, brushes XP.

26th September 2016

 The pixie faced kid. Drawings for the painting. iPad finger drawings, brushes xp