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13th June 2017

Because under painting is a bit like drawing. Oil on prepared marine ply. WIP. 

25th May 2017

Painting day not drawing day. Oil on linen, WIP, detail

24th November 2016

Starting a portrait. Charcoal on board. 40cm x 30cm

Underpainting. Oil on board. 40cmx30cm

1st November 2016

One day passion. Alla Prima, Oil on Linen, 60cm X 60cm. 

26th October 2016


Painting.Passion Flower. Oil on linen, 60cm x 60cm



25th October 2016


Passion Flower. Underpainting is like drawing. Oil on Linen, 60cm x 60cm.

9th April 2015

Allan, 11:30am, with his painting behind. Coloured pencil on prepared board, then oil paint over, (layer one. To be continued…..)