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23rd August 2017

Andrea Gugnin, Ukaria. Sunday – memory. Ipad finger drawing development.


21st August 2017

Mucking around with memory. Ukaria.

6th June 2017

At the hairdresser – started by observation, completed by imperfect memory!

23rd August 2016

Experiments with depth: The garden. iPad finger drawing, brushes xp

7th July 2016

LeFevre Terrace, 6:30am (colour memory) iPad finger drawing, brushes XP

12th June 2016

Fleeting of Anne, 8pm. iPad finger drawing, brushes XP.    
Colour from memory…

Line drawing from life…

5th February 2016

Cafe culture – the meeting, Bici, Hutt Street. Brushes XP, ipad finger drawing completed by memory.