Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

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13th April 2017

Crouched, with device. Ipad fingervdrawing, brushes XP

30th March 2017

Tiny detail of prep for a private painting project. Willow charcoal on Arches velin. 

27th March 2017

Blossom play.

Passion:conference. iPad collages drawings. 

Blown. IPad collages drawings. 

26th February (2)

After dinner with leg and foot fore shortening. Ipad fingervdrawing, brushes XP

Partially colored… ipad finger drawing

17th February 2017

Ted at dinner (drawn under the influence) iPhone finger drawing, brushes xp

3rd November 2016

Derek drawing. Hutt St Day centre, 11am. Chalk on black painted mdf. 

18th October 2016


Underpainting is like drawing. Oil on linen. 120cm x 90cm


From observation. Snapshot of the drawing/painting set-up. iPhone photograph.