Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist


16th October 2017

Developing the ghost, 30 minutes a day, Day 5. Charcoal on prepared linen canvas, then flicked off. 


14th October 2017

30 minutes a day no 4. Charcoal on prepped linen canvas. 

Flicked no 4. Remnant charcoal drawing. 

13th October 2017

30minutes a day – charcoal on prepared canvas 

And flicked! Drawing remnants on prepared canvas. 

11th October 2017

30minutes a day. 1) Charcoal on prepared canvas, 2) then flicked off. 

6th October 2017

Joe with his haircut. Ipad finger drawing 

5th October 2017

Alice. Ipad finger drawing, brushes xp.

2nd October 2017

Quickest drawing ever using layers. Ipad finger drawing, brushes xp