Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist


25th June 2017

Man reading and dozing. Ipad finger drawing, brushes XP

6th June 2017

At the hairdresser – started by observation, completed by imperfect memory!

4th June 2017

Detail of colour study (secret portrait) Pastel on Arches 210gsm

1st June 2017


Moving dog. The beginning. Ipad finger drawing, brushes XP

26th May 2017

Furry collared jacket. Pastel on Arches 210gsm paper. 

25th May 2017

Painting day not drawing day. Oil on linen, WIP, detail

20, 21, 22nd May 2017

Pastel practice in solidarity with my students. WIP. Pastel on Arches paper 210gsm