Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist


In lieu

Reveal. IPad mashup process.


4th December again


Mashing around. Ipad drawing and collage.

3rd June 2017

5 yards of cotton sateen? Playing around with iPad designs for fabric.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.30.34 pmScreen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.31.07 pmScreen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.32.40 pmScreen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.44.49 pm

23rd May 2017

Overworked. Ipad compositions. 

Good Friday

The Way of the Cross is not a museum piece, belonging in the past, 2000 years ago, but a continuing story of human brutality and human suffering repeated time and again every day.

We are all participants – victims, perpetrators, observers, rescuers – at different times.

1. Jesus is condemned to death

number 1: condemned

2. Jesus carries his cross

number 2: burdened

3. Jesus falls the first time

number 3: stumbling

4. Jesus meets his MOther

number 4: His Mother

5. Simon helps Jesus carry his cross

number 5: the burden is shared

6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus (no 6).JPG

number 6: lovingly attended

7. Jesus falls the second time

number 7: crashing

8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

number 8: the women of Jerusalem

9. Jesus falls the third time

number 9: falling

10. Jesus is stripped of his garments.JPG

number 10: stripped, beaten, reviled

11. Jesus is nailed to the cross final version

number 11: tortured, suffering and rejected

12. Jesus dies on the cross

number 12: executed

13. Jesus taken down from the cross:in the arms of his Mother

number 13: lamented

14 Jesus is laid in the tomb

number 14: buried






28th March 2017

Entombment. IPad digital collage. 

27th March 2017

Blossom play.

Passion:conference. iPad collages drawings. 

Blown. IPad collages drawings.